Hello people. I just got a blog for ya' (mostly for royal red, she was complaining about the no blogs thing, so there ya' go red :D)

Here is the blog, i will integrate it in the site a bit better soon.

  • This is where we all talk trash! (2 Replies)
    04/26/2016 05:08 PM, by W.DGaster
    What else did you expect ?

    Going over to see a freind this weekend , totally brought a baddass cake that will be sure to get him in bed with m-

    Respect alot of it
  • Does anyone know how to lock doors? (5 Replies)
    04/04/2016 11:09 AM, by W.DGaster
    Some humans come and go, i want to rest but they always disturb me.
  • HELP A ROBOT IN NEED (9 Replies)
    04/01/2016 02:39 AM, by saadow
  • Find It, Fix It (11 Replies)
    03/26/2016 01:04 AM, by CoolCat97
    Hi everybody.

    So I think that it would be a really good idea if we made a thread where we could post all of the things that we'd like fixed around the Underground, because there's a lot of it and maybe King Asgore or the Royal Guard don't know about it.

    So if you find something broken or something that needs attention, maybe put it here and they'll see it?

  • A few boards? (0 Replies)
    03/16/2016 05:19 PM, by W.DGaster
    As we get the website underway its important we get a nice niche on things to place where we need them to . What boards and sub-sections would you like to see?

    This is your mini mod talking ~
  • Chat (4 Replies)
    03/16/2016 11:19 AM, by W.DGaster
    Now, you cant use the chat box, its still beta (i contacted the fellows at yooco) and it wont work for a while. Instead, just click the chat bar at the top, and you can use the chat.

heya peeps, the new site is done. hope ya like it more than the last one. 

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